Photography by Jolo

SHUT UP shirt we designed for our Fashion Management class / skirt and creepers (similar / similar) c/o Sammydress

        For our Fashion Management class, we had to choose a brand that we want to design a shirt for and since we're all ~*angry teenagers*~ and a bunch of ~*slackers*~ (according to our professor lol) we chose Jac Vanek. It's pretty straight forward brand so we chose the words SHUT UP to be our design. My shirt's actually tie-dyed but I guess the flash washed out the color.

        Wearing my favorite shoes at the moment-- my black creepers c/o Sammydress. I've wanted a pair of creepers ever since but couldn't find a really good one on local stores. The ones I've seen are either to bulky or too shiny. This one's just perfect cus it's suede and it's in my "favorite color". Very comfortable too. Highly recommend. I've been wearing this a lot. I think my instagram is proof of that.


"What's your favorite color?"

top: beanie / MK wallet / MAC lipstick / journal
bottom: iPad / Android phone / creepers c/o SammyDressy
 I wasn't really the type of kid who would pick my school bag or my new pencil case in a certain color because it's my "favorite". I'm the type who would pick something if it looks good in that specific color, like I had an orange file case once because I thought an orange file case looked cool and same goes with my purple pencil case because I thought that certain pencil case looked ugly in other colors. Yeah, I'm that weird kid who never had a favorite color. Booo.

    I had this quirky prof last semester who would make us write our favorite color in the attendance sheet next to our name. I wrote black. I guess black is the closest favorite "color" I can think of since I wear it all the time. Obviously since it goes with almost anything. Although, black is not really a color according to my professor but whatever.

PS: I think my domain name will expire this month and I don't think I'll be renewing it any time soon but you can still access the blog using my old url: http://nettiesolon.blogspot.com just in case. Thank you!